SSF RLB Onkey 122L 949 850ET (Gus)
Sire - Remitall Online 122L
Dam - SSF Keysha 949
Comments - He has been everything we hoped for and some. His calves so far look fantastic. His offspring are going to be a joy to show and breed. His calves look like daddy and have the structure to become great adults. His daughters will be calving very soon, we can't wait.

RLB H850 Big Mac 922X
Sire - SSF RLB Onkey 122L 949 850ET (Gus)
Dam - MF 21M Taylor 002 715T ( Mickey )
Comments - He's structurally correct,very thick across his top and very big boned. His first calves could be our best of the 2012/2013 calf class. We are using him on more cows this year.

RLB 922X Rockin' Roll 916B (Rocky) 9/16/14
Sire - RLB H850 Big Mac 922X
Dam - RLB 408 Bright Rikki 214W ET
Comments - He is his dad and grand dads son. (Big Mac, Gus) He is the best the best calf born on this farm. We will be seeing his calves in the fall of 2017, cant wait.

SSF L1 Barry 4023 020 
​Sire - HF 4L Beyond 36N
Dam - RCR L1 Erica 04023
Comments - He gives us a bull we can breed to our Gus daughters. He has great EPD's and good calving ease. He is short marked and gives us a way to get Rockin Erica into our herd. 

MSU RLB 32N Zeppelin 40Z  Deceased
Sire - AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET
Dam - MSU Keepsake 32N
Comments - We were in Denver in 2012 and really liked 26U's sons. We asked the guys at MSU and they had used 26U quite a bit. We bought 40Z for what he brings to us. great EPD'S and calving ease. Also 32N, her performance is legendary.  

SSF RLB Onkey 122L 949 850ET.